Sunday, May 28, 2006

Solid Bar

I went to grab something to eat during the doubles tourney Saturday and was stopped by some kids at the driving entrance/exit of River City and was surprised to find out the upstairs was being used for a CD Release Party. They asked me for a $5 gate entry fee, but I was headed the other way, which led me to believe they were suggesting that I should fork over $5 to escape being subjected to it.

Nevertheless I wanted to see what the upstairs looked like now, as its been vacant for a couple years, and it looks pretty solid. It looks better than when the last two bars were in there (Sneaky Pete's and Ky-Odies) ...better than ever actually...

When I left there was 150 to 200 people there and it looked like the party was done well. I heard someone say that they didn't realize River City was so big. I should post some pictures back when there were thousands of people there in its hey dey, circa 1995, and parking was forced to Edgewater Avenue.

If anyone is interested in renting the upstairs let me know... I have the contact info. Just don't trash the place, or the beach volleyball courts. And if anyone wants to have a party on a Friday or Saturday at the beach courts contact me (Mike-260-402-3999).

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