Friday, June 30, 2006

Three Rivers Festival Beach Volleyball Tourneys

Fair Play is having volleyball tournaments for the Three Rivers Festival for the 7th year in a row. This year we have a midnight blind draw volleyball tourney to kick off the affiliated events on July 7th/8th. You can just come out on the night of the event to River City to sign up at 11:30 on Friday, and then the tourney will begin at 12:01 early Saturday morning. The blind draw tourney will be a fours tourney. It sounds like a lot of people plan on coming so I may set up some sort of unofficial tourney on Friday night as well if it sounds like it is going to be too packed.

There will also be a youth tourney on Saturday, July 8th, and a coed fours tourney the following Saturday starting at 10 am. For more info go here, or contact me at
All tourneys this year will take place at the River City Complex at 490 River Bend Court. For more directions go here or here.

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