Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Turnstone Usage Question

I've had a few questions about the usage of Turnstone from players in the league, and even from employees of Turnstone, who wonder why I don't rent there anymore. The answer is that I'd like to, but the answer I got is that internal programs and additional time needed for the wheelchair basketball team(s) are taking up all potential rental time.

That's ok... last year I was able to add more time at Spiece and the Seminary, and it's likely another site won't be necessary this year ('06/'07) either, but it would be easier on me for scheduling purposes. If anyone knows of a good gym, not affiliated with a local school system that might be available, let me know...

To support Turnstone programs, go here.

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fairplaybeach said...

Turnstone has one of the best wheelchair basketball teams in the country. If I get a chance I'll get some shots of the Turnstone basketball league on video and put it on this site.