Saturday, November 29, 2008

412 Club Closing Tonight

It will probably be packed tonight though, although I'm not sure many know about it.

The 412 was one of the most regular team sponsors for the Fair Play Volleyball Leagues.

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Robert Pence said...

When I was a kid, the 412 Club's building was the site of Krull's Hobby Shop. I don't know how long that business occupied the building, but I remember it as long-established in the early 1950s.

Krull's was old-school kids' paradise; Lionel trains in 0-gauge and 027, locomotives made of stamped steel and die-cast metal and heavy as a brick, Revell model kits for every car imaginable and other stuff too. The shelves went all the way to the ceiling, if my memory is correct, and they were full of amazing gadgets.

One of my memories from Krull's involves a visit in the early fifties. My brother and I were with my aunt, who was shopping with a friend of hers at Nobbson's. We were maybe 14 and 12, respectively. She quickly tuned in to our boredom with hanging out there, and dispatched us to Krull's and said she'd meet us there.

It was near Christmas and dark out, and we were unfamiliar with Fort Wayne. We walked the wrong way on Washington. We got all the way to Alter's Pharmacy, at Broadway and Washington, before we were sure something was wrong, and asked directions. We still made it back to Krull's and had time to indulge our fascinations before my aunt and her friend finished indulging their fascinations with the latest women's fashions and came to get us.

I was in the 412 a few times in later years. I think Krull's was more fun.