Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby in the Ball Cart

I received this shot from a phone tonight at Spiece. It's Adelyn Greene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eric Greene. We like to use Carolina blue volleyballs because they are much more visible against the cream and crimson background. Well, when they're moving and spinning the color averages out to Carolina blue.

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Anonymous said...

Hello people from Fort Wayne,

It´s great to see you playing my favorite sport Beach Soccer and Volleyball in Indiana State.
I was an exchange student on Northrop High School in 1993/1994 and had a great time playing with the Nobles, the Nalleys, the Smiths, the Inmanns, and everyboby.
Thank you, if you are Shaw Greene, or if you Know them, Derik or Scott, tell them Eduardo Souza said Hello. edulino8@hotmail.com
from Bahia- Brazil- South America