Saturday, July 04, 2009

Logo History

Ok, a year later now that the 2 new courts are in place with some shelter and a deck one thing I want to do is get a few shirt designs online and see if I can sell them beyond Fort Wayne. It relates to the idea of a Fair Play philosophy, and to the Fair Play mission statement and the Fair Play code of ethics. I've also wanted to write a "Fair Play Manifesto" and shoot more video and pictures but there's only so much that can be done...

This concentration can emphasize a character and uniqueness to the "franchise" and maybe Fair Play as a volleyball business could be successful in another city... like Pittsburgh, or in Hawaai.. lol.

I don't really have a regular logo for Fair Play. The first one is this one below done by a "Mona" who wouldn't give me a digital copy of it.

So since I couldn't get a digital copy I went to Classic Products, who played in the league, and had a new one done based on that (below):

I also had Classic do a 9/11 shirt for a charity event:

Then a Mark from the league took some of my ideas and came up with some images. Unfortunately I either misplaced or never received some of them in digital form. Nevertheless there are a lot of circular logos:

as well as the commie logo:

My favorite, of these, was always this simple blue one:

Mark took one of my ideas and then I found a mantis, um somewhere, and a Jen helped make the Mantis logo:

Next up Sandra made a cool merger of the Spiece and Fair Play logos:

and also some logos for the cornhole leagues at that time:

And then last year, after I heard someone say they wished the summer wouldn't ever end, I came up with the idea for the Ouroborus shirt (Endless Summer), and had Classic do it:

Here are a few shirt shots from the league:

A few other art ideas: here, here, & here.


Phil Marx said...

You know, the Libertarians have shown that local voters are receptive to the idea of non-traditional candidates. Perhaps you should start a fair-play political party.

fairplaybeach said...

It is a nice sounding name... and would be a lot to live up to... I'm not sure what it could stand for... maybe just a call for getting shit together. Everything is inter related... integral.

I don't know. I'm constantly wondering if I should be more selfish for myself because it helps me run things better... Is that fair? Its just a boundary you have to call for yourself. In my league I go for big numbers... keep it affordable. Thats good for everyone. WIN-WIN...

An example of being more selfish might be scheduling my own team for the near court, where everyone likes to play. But Im findng I need to be there closer to answer questions easier, emergency or other. Well, lol, I guess thats not that selfish.