Friday, July 30, 2010

Weather Policy

For mid summer:

The beach courts at River City don't rain out. Except for the middle court is drains immediately. The roads to travel to the courts will flood before the beach courts do. If we get behind by 15 to 20 minutes we'll move on to the next match and make up the missed one at a later time.

Problems that would cause us to get behind on a night of play are lightning, heavy rain and/or strong wind, or other severe weather.

For early or late beach season:

If it is a combination of cold, wet and windy I may postpone a night of play, or maybe up until sunset when the temperature dives.

For winter:

The Spiece Fieldhouse only closes during a severe city weather emergency, when cars should not be out on the streets. Concordia Seminary rarely closes as well, unless they do not have classes on campus, in which case they might...

For unruly winter weather and storms I will just have to do the best I can and will try to get a cancellation on the website and on facebook asap. I will also try to contact all the captains.

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