Saturday, April 14, 2012

Advertise on the Wall

Get an inexpensive decal made ($15 to $30) and advertise on the wall surrounding the 3 original beach courts at River City. Put one up for this year for a $100.

It can't be more than 28 inches high or more than 42 inches wide.  You can also get a separate small decal 3.5 to 4.5 inches high to place in the blue line, perhaps with your website or phone number listed.  Put up four more decals after the first one for $60 each.  

What are the impression numbers?  

Last summer at least 1500 per week: 236 teams * 5 plus at least 30 fans per night. Add in tourneys, and youth practice during the day and that should be the average up until mid-August. I would put it around 1000 later in the season.  The season runs from early May until Early October.  The total impression number for last summer would be a little over 30000.  

Decals are much cheaper and cleaner to work with.  I have several contacts if you would like to have inexpensive decals created.  One of them is Nick Miller at American Reprographics Company:

Not messing with banners anymore. They are more expensive to make. The wind tears them up and the bungees wear.

We have recently improved and cleaned up the look of the 5 beach courts.  We continue to do so as the season goes on, and be something that adds more to the sports culture of Fort Wayne. 

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