Monday, November 19, 2012

Discounts Galore

Since this current Fall Season has a record number of teams Fair Play will offer various discounts as a way of saying thanks...

1)  Players that play on multiple teams get $5 off their fee for a second team, $10 off for a third team, $15 off for a fourth team, & $20 off for a fifth team.  The amount will be refunded AFTER all involved teams are fully paid up.

2) Teams that can provide prizes for the teams, perhaps business people in the league, can take a partial trade-off for fees.  You just have to contact me to see what is possible.

3)  Teams that miss the early entry deadline can still pay cash for the same fee the first night of play.

4)  Teams that are ok with playing at the Summit on Rudisill get a free extra match every time their team plays there.  For more info click:  here

5)  Teams interested in paying for multiple seasons can contact me directly for discount info.

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