Monday, November 19, 2012

Playing to 21

Starting next year we can go back to playing to 21 (using rally scoring). Teams need to be ready to play, however, when their game time comes up.

More specifically, teams need to be ready for their 2 minutes of net warm up when the ref blows the whistle for it, unless running late or dealing with court set-up, is 2 minutes before your start time.   4’s or 6’s teams will be able to start their matches with as few as 2 players. For coed, one would need to be a female.  Teams not on court and ready to play at game time will be handicapped 3 points, and 2 points after for every minute they are late up to 5 minutes, barring unusual circumstances.

In the early days of Fair Play side out scoring was still the national norm. We started playing to 21 initially when rally scoring became the new norm, but teams were slow getting on to the court. But referees, now, are better at keeping matches moving, and teams seem more ready to rumble.  This is an experiment because if matches can't stay on time, people won't want to play late, or if less teams can play in one night, teams won't be happy that they aren't at a similar level as the other teams in their division.

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