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Basic Beach Info & Rules

Entering a team, or a player, or group: 

We simply need the team name, division, team captain, and contact info.  The team captain is responsible for making sure the full team fee is paid.  People looking for teams should contact us and we will try to find them a team.

Usually there is an early entry deadline a few weeks before the start date, which is usually $5 off per player.  At this time we are letting teams pay the early entry fee on the first night if it is all cash in one handoff.

Teams play on one day of the week for a league only.  For ex: Monday is always on Monday.

Teams can check the website ( for their initial start times 6 days before the start date.  Teams may still enter after the entry deadline, which is one week before the league start, until the weekend after the first official night of play for that day of the week. 

Levels of Play:

Levels of play can be anywhere from A to C-, in a school grade system (which is easier for the common man to understand as opposed to the USAV letter system).

"A" level features a higher level of play, and the most likely to have former college players.

"B" level features an intermediate level of play.  It is still bump, set, and spike but results may not be as consistent as in the "A" division.  Sets may be a little rough in "B", but should be somewhat cleaner in the "B+" level.

"C" level is more a recreation level of play.  Teams may bump, set and spike, but you may have to be ready for anything.


Monday through Friday start times tend to be from 6 pm to 10 pm.
Sunday times tend to be from 4 pm to 9 pm.

Teams may make time or bye requests.  Early and late requests usually aren't a problem.  Teams requesting middle times are not as easy to grant.

Players may play on 2 teams a night if they want as long as they are in different divisions.   If a schedule conflict is made once or twice the player will be refunded whatever the fee is as if it were prorated.  A promise of different times cannot always be made when one team is playing regular season and the other team is playing tourney.  The best attempt will be made that both tourneys are not played on the same night.

The full schedule is usually made the weekend after the first week of play.  This allows teams to move divisions, etc...  

Seasons are either 10 matches (Spring, Summer), or 14 matches (Fall, Winter).  Team normally play 2 matches per night, but may play more if the team needs to catch-up because they requested a bye or joined late.  Teams never play just one match a night.

All league are followed by a seeded accelerated double-elimination tournament.


We play every night except when there is extreme weather, and when that happens it usually doesn't last long.   Rain is not a problem.

Players on court:

Coed sixes teams may not have more than 3 men on court at any time. They may have more women than men, or all women for that matter.  During the league season teams may play with 3 guys and 2 gals, or even 3 guys and one gal if it is ok with the other team.  During league tourney teams need 3 gals in order to play with 3 guys.  Coed sixes teams need at least 2 players, and one must be a female, to not forfeit.

Coed fours teams need at least 2 players, and one must be a female, for league or league tourney, to not forfeit.

Men's or Women's teams need at least 2 players, for league or league tourney, to not forfeit.

Women may play in the Men's league but men may not play in the Women's league.


Teams may have an unlimited roster.  They may not be on another team in the same division.  Your league tourney roster is whoever played with you during the season (even just one play).

Lower levels may play at higher levels, but there is a limited number, if any, of higher level players that may play at a lower level.

13 and over are legal for the adult leagues.

Basic Game Rules:

Matches are 2 games to 18 (win by 2), with a 21 cap, with rally scoring.

One 30 second time out per game.

Play Rules:

The server only gets one toss to complete a serve.

You cannot block the serve or attack a serve.

Once the ball is contacted on a serve, players may change positions.

Any ball that comes in contact with the ceiling or an object hanging from the ceiling, light, support beam, etc. may be played as long as it remains on that side of the court and there is a contact remaining. If a ball goes to the other side of the court and contacts the ceiling, the play is dead.

Touching the net with any part of the body while the ball is in play is a violation, the exception being if the ball is driven into the net causing it to touch an opposing player.

Touching the net outside the antenna’s or touching the net poles is legal.

 A double contact is allowed on the first ball over as long as it is one continuous motion. That includes off of a blocked/deflected ball.

To play the first ball over the net on a serve, overhand, the ball must be completely below the tape/top of the net.

You can step on the center line. A center line violation occurs when any body part is entirely over the line or when the player interferes with the opposing team or the opposing teams play. If your foot or hand are above the line, but directly above the line, it is not a violation.

A player may use any body part to play a ball provided it is not a violation.

A player may not enter another court to play a ball at any time, the ball is out of bounds and unplayable.

Hair may contact the net however a jersey or loose clothing may not.


Coed teams need to alternate male and female on the court and in their serve rotation.   Teams should rotate if they side out on their opponent's serve to begin the game.

Teams of 3 or 4 must make their server position at back row player to make that clear to their opponent.  Late arriving players should sub in the back row, or at the referee's designation.


For beach leagues we do not count a block as a hit.

Beach Court Sites:

Most matches are at the River City Complex.  The google location point is 1550 Griffin Street.  The physical mailbox is 405 River Bend Court.  A few matches may be played at the Plex at 1807 East California Road.

For Monday through Friday leagues only 13 and over people are allowed to play or watch.  On Sunday all ages are ok.  No pets are allowed at the site.

Teams at this time can BYOB.

Please do not park in restricted areas, such as the truck dock, or the side alley, behind the courts, or any place that may block an overhead door.  Motorcycles are now restricted from the sidewalk per fire department code.

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