Monday, August 28, 2006

First Mantis of the Season

The beach courts have sometimes been swarmed toward the latter part of the beach season by praying mantid. The first year it opened there must have been at least ten (until they ate each other), and ever since there is always at least one spotted. Here's the first one for this season that was at open court last Friday. Thanks to Leah for taking and sending the pic to me from her phone.

Here's an early attempt to make the polar bear the symbol for the winter volleyball season.

On another note, regarding Friday volleyball, it would be cool if players would shovel some sand on to the picnic area side of the middle back of the middle court (from between the courts), as it is getting a little skimpy there... I would do it but the act of shoveling is sensitive to my lower back. I got that mostly corrected at Nature's Way Chiropractic. I probably did the real damage to it, though, back in the late 90's working on an assembly line at Aeroquip.

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