Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Possible Tornado East of Decatur Last Night

Thanks to J4TR for the scary storm image. At first I thought that (below) maybe this was someone with a unique way of trying to sell a car in their front yard, and that it was just a heavy wind that blew the "For Sale" sign away, but maybe it really was a tornado that blew the sign away.

It looked like most of the tree damage and vehicle tossing (no one was hurt) was done near the intersection of 224 and 300 East, which is almost 2 miles east of Decatur, and about a mile from the Fleetwood RV Facility. It's also 1/4 of a mile from where my dad farmed up until 7 or 8 years ago, a half mile from where he grew up, and 3 1/2 miles north of where I grew up. In the image below, the road was closed off due to some tree damage at Franks Seed Service.

In much more important news for me, I picked up an old phone from my mom's house this morning and I'm going to try out Vonage. Any time anyone tries to call me at home on my only phone, my Verizon cell phone, I pretty much have to start running to the front door to keep it from cutting out.

*Note: As soon as a tornado warning was issued for Fort Wayne I cancelled the leagues for last night. We got through half a night of play. Revised Monday schedules are already on line at the e-teamz site - www.fairplayvolleyball.com

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alphawoman said...

We were sitting around shooting the bull when I thought I heard thunder. We opened the front door and the emergency siren was blaring!! OMG!! Quickly turning to a local channel I realized a tornado was in the area! (Joe began trying to figure out where we would go. He even put on his shoes? Are we going to drive awaay from a torando?) Exciting and sooooo scary. Great picture of the storm. I would have run for cover if I had seen that!