Friday, June 13, 2008

Darting Kids at Tennessee

I was witness of an accident yesterday as I was going from the Plex to River City. As I was turning off of St. Joe Blvd. to Tennessee heading east by the Tennessee Mart I saw a little kid dart out of a group of kids just behind a DHL truck that passed by heading west. There was a only a split second to hope that he would stop but instead he got hit by the front of the red car that was right in front of me. The driver actually did a great job of stopping because he was totally blind to this sudden sprint, as I was only able to pick it up a little more than peripherally.

As you can see by the photos above the little boy suffered some scrapes to his face and he was moving ok... but of course any type of injury to the head can be serious.  I was blindsided by a van on Harrison & Dewald and was given some money to promise I wouldn't sue for any type of head injury, and I was fine.  He looked like he'd be ok.   I haven't seen anything about it other than the News-Sentinel link I have above.

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