Thursday, June 19, 2008

Misener Electronics Moving

Misener Electronics, formerly Pembleton Electronics, is moving from it's current location by the beach volleyball courts to 500 Coombs Street. This will be taking place in the next 2 weeks.

Misener's new location will be just south of the Tecumseh Street Bridge in the old CAJ Discount Grocery at Cochrane and Coombs.

While I was in the store today someone simply dropped off 2 antiques: a device with this art deco dial and this apparatus of the Capehart-Farnsworth Corporation in which the tag alone is actually worth $500.


Rocket Squirrel said...

Why in the world would the tag be worth $500? Sounds like one of those Antique Roadshow episodes where a tea-stained bumblebee doily turns out to be worth five to seven thousand dollars.

Eric Fetcho said...

damn, there moving again? I like to go there and browse, about once a year. Are they having a moving sale? (chuckle)

btw- i can only imagine being a involved in the moving of this im speechless.

Benje said...

Are they closed up for good now? Their site is down, phone number disconnected and their ebay store has nothing on it.

I really hope not, cause that place was freakin BA. What the hell am I supposed to do, go to Radio Shack? I think not. It's hard to hunt down used shit on ebay, and when you just need to pick a part for something in a pinch its really nice to have a place like this.

Anonymous said...

As of June 28, there was nothing at Coombs st..